CastOfCharactersLarge_4Salam-Marhaba.  My name’s Rania Al-Saqur and I’m 14 years old.  Our family used to live in a large city Amman, Jordan, but we just moved to a smaller place Wadi Musa.  When boys are around, you’ll see me wear Hijab headscarf, but not when I’m with my girlfriends.   The best part of traveling is get to see all the places I’ve read about in history books.  I’m a great cook and I like trying all the local foods to get ideas for new recipes.  Water is scarce in Jordan because of its desert climate.  That’s why I care about the environment, recycling, and making sure I’m not wasting things.  Insha’allah – God willing – I’ll be able to help the planet.


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August 18, 2016