We engage today’s traveler with out-of-this-world virtual worlds, augmented, and mixed reality technology.

Derek Stumfall

Founder and CEO, GeoWhiz

Why GeoWhiz?

Today’s consumer is building brand loyalty via smart technology. 81% of Americans have a smart device in their hands, attesting to their desire for immediate access and connection.


Have Smart Mobile Devices

Billion Smartphones Globally


Millennials have Smartphones

Hours/Day Smartphone Usage Globally

Connect and Engage in 2023

Businesses that use traditional websites and loyalty apps will be left behind. GeoWhiz serves Hospitality, Travel and Tourism clients with ahead-of-the-curve AR and MR infused engagement – delighting future, current and past customers – while setting the new standard for loyalty.

What We Do

AR Infused Marketing

Using interactive media via online world, app, and print media GeoWhiz:

Extends connection with the audience

Measures conversion and effectiveness

Includes brand-building content, images and messaging

Virtual Worlds

Infusing real property images into explorable areas via our extraordinary online world, your brand comes to life with:

Click to life animations

Animated tour guides

Brand-specific mini-games and messaging

AR Tours/Activities

Elevate guest experience while on property with interactive games and scavenger hunts:

Direct guests to discover the areas you want

Reward activity with coupons and discounts for value-added amenities and services

Introduce facts and services without the need for costly or dated printed material

Data and Reporting

Learn detailed information about popular services and areas with trackable data:

Measure the effectiveness of promotions

Identify take-up and usage and conversion of incentives

Compare historical data

We start by drafting a unique, theme-based storyline that energizes your key messages in a way that invites guests to explore your world. Your story will showcase your property, your culture, and your experiences.

We aggregate and report data generated by guests and interactive media to help you better understand traffic around premises, measure the effectiveness of promotions and signage, and identify take-up and conversion of incentives. Reports can be set up from real-time to monthly historical.

To monetize your investment, we incorporate coupons, incentives, and special offers to drive revenue through the promotion of value-added amenities and services. We help you leverage your facilities and premises as a fun, informative, and interactive marketing engine with an attributable and measurable commercial impact.

Story of Us

The GeoWhiz team is a group of media, marketing, technology and hospitality professionals from North America, Europe, South America and Asia. 

Collectively we are developing and implementing solutions for the global hospitality, travel, and tourism sector. Our goal to expand engagement with guests, elevate the on-site experience, and contribute to the financial performance of hotels and travel companies.