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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GeoWhiz?
GeoWhiz™ is a virtual world in which kids safely discover and play. Kids from around the world learn about fascinating destinations, historical events, different cultures, and inspiring scientific discoveries by playing mini-games, participating in quests, watching videos, and reading stories told by GeoWhiz character guides. Our virtual worlds combine visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic elements to capture kids attention and enhance their learning about a given place or mission.
What are the recommended ages for GeoWhiz?
GeoWhiz is designed for children age three to twelve. But younger and older kids are welcome to play too.
How do you keep kids safe?
You can be sure your kids are playing and learning in a virtual world that is safe. We never collect personally identifiable information from kids. Communication with other players is only done through scripted chat pull-down menus. So no personal information can be given to another player.
What does GeoWhiz do with the information they collect when I register?
We asked for your parent’s email address so that we could let them know that you want to be part of the GeoWhiz community. We care about your and your parent’s privacy – their email address that you provided will not be used or shared for any other purpose, and the GeoWhiz website will not collect, use, or disclose your personal information unless we get the OK from your parents. We will never sell or rent your information to a third party or use it without your permission. For more details, you and your parents can visit our privacy policy page. If your parents don’t want you to be part of the website, they can just ask us to delete their email address. To do this, please ask them to email us at Or if they’re feeling old-school, they can write to GeoWhiz Universe, LLC, 15950 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75248. (You can send us fan mail at either address too!)
What are the system requirements to play GeoWhiz?

GeoWhiz Web Applications requires a computer or mobile device with Chrome or Safari. Mobile apps are available on iOS or Android.

How do I build my avatar?

It’s time to build your avatar and give them a name.

  1.     To get started select the girl or boy avatar by clicking on the image. You’ll be taken to the build your avatar page. You can select and change items in any order you choose. At any time you can change these options by selecting the “Black” t-shirt on the left hand side of the play area screen. Here are your options:
  a.     Now select your skin color from the six options.
  b.     What color eyes would you like? Pick one of the four options.
  c.     Which hairstyle would you like? There are lots of options from which to choose.
  d.     What to wear? You can start by selecting your avatar’s top.
  e.     Now select the bottoms. Not happy with how they look together? Go ahead and make a change, you’re in control.
  f.      Lots to explore. What shoes will you pick for the journey?
  g.     You’ll need a bag to hold all the goodies you collect. Which one fits your style? Click to choose.
  h.     You can pick one of the country flags or go international and select the “GeoWhiz” flag.
  2.     When you’re done building your avatar, click “FINISHED” button on the bottom of the screen.
  3.     One last step. Give your avatar a name. This is the name other kids will see as you explore. Show your personality. Make it fun. But don’t use your real name. Go incognito! The name must start with five (5) to eight (8) letters and end with four (4) numbers.
4.     Once you’ve given your avatar a name click “Save.” We’ll let you know if your name is already taken and you need to come up with a different one. 5.     When your name is approved, you’re done and ready to discover the world of GeoWhiz.
How do I change the way my avatar looks?
Absolutely. You can quickly change what your avatar wears, how they look, or add new accessories by clicking on the “BLACK T-SHIRT” on the left of the screen. You’ll be given all the options you had when you built your avatar.
I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

Follow these steps to reset your password or that of one of your children.  You must input a Parent email address your parent needs to verify the email address to complete the “forgot password” process.

  1.     To get started enter the URL for the world you want to enter. 2.     Enter your username or email and hit “FORGOT PASSWORD”
NOTE: Each GeoWhiz world has a separate web address. User names and Passwords from one world are not automatically transferred to another world. Players must register and set up a new avatar for each world. We apologize for any inconvenience while we work on creating a universal username and password feature.
  3.     Enter the Parent Email Address used to set up the account and we’ll send an email to that address to retrieve your password. Hit the “RESET PASSWORD” button.
  4.     Check your email box for a GeoWhiz – Password Recovery message. Select the “Reset Password” link for the player that forgot their password.
NOTE: If you have one or more children associated with this Parent Email the user name for the parent and each child registered for this world will be presented with a link to reset password.
  5.     You will be sent to the Change Password page where you can enter and confirm your new password. Hit “Change Password.” We’ll rest your password and return you to the world you want to enter.
Can I change my password?
You can change your password by following the “I Forgot My Password. How Can I Retrieve It?” instructions provided.
My login for GeoWhiz is still not working.

Sorry to hear that! You can contact us by emailing to get that fixed pronto. Be sure to tell us your username and the parent email you used when you signed up so we can find your info!

How do I talk to other kids in GeoWhiz?
We use a pre-scripted chat system to talk with other players. How it works. Players are provided with question and answer options to choose from in order to communicate with each other. We purposely omitted free chat functionality to make sure our virtual world is safe for children. To begin a conversation, click the TALK BUBBLE on the left of the screen. You will be given a choice of questions to ask the other player. Select the question and it will appear on the other user’s screen. When they click on the TALK BUBBLE they will be given a series of answers to respond.
Can I use my login on go to another GeoWhiz world?
Sorry, not yet, but we’re working on it to make it easier for you and your parents. For now you have to register for each world separately.
Can you delete my child’s account for me?
A parent can request for their child’s account to be deleted after we verify your information.
What happened to my account?
Your account may be deleted after six months of inactivity.

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