Game On Post(1)

For kids, traditional media takes a backseat to gaming.

Online games offer the most exciting content on the market. You don’t have to look far to see the impact. Games, like “Pokemon Go™,” “Mindcraft™,” and “Candy Crush™” show demand for multi-player, interactive entertainment on the go.

Shrewd businesses that understand kids, know children three to 12 years old are:

  • No longer entranced by passive, one-way, entertainment like television;
  • Always connected with easy access to mobile devices of their own or friends and family; and
  • Key influencers of family purchases today and loyal customers tomorrow.

Smart marketers are looking for ways to add digital media to their marketing mix. Independent publishers like GeoWhiz fit the bill. We create kid-safe, reach media environments that connect kids to company brands.

By leveraging the GeoWhiz virtual world and winning game platform to tell the story of their destination, mission, product or service, our enterprise clients effectively connect with young consumers in an engaging way through the mobile Internet.