“GeoWhizardry creates extraordinary experiences before, during, and after hotel stays.

The GeoWhiz open, multi-user, virtual environments let kids and their families participate in a form of role-playing and simulation games that enable guests to create an avatar and:

  • Tour hospitality client’s property,
  • Learn about the destination and culture, and
  • Earn rewards for completing quests.

We use “gamification” – game based elements and mechanics – to animate your content and make it kid-friendly.

You invite young travelers to unleash their creativity and curiosity in the co-branded, GeoWhiz environments throughout their travels.


Create anticipation. Young travelers participate in virtual tours of the property, amenities, services, and nearby points of interest prior to their stay.


Boost the customer experience while on the trip. Interactive games (e.g. scavenger hunts) encourage exploration and use of the property. Kids trade-in virtual rewards for real-world coupons promoting hospitality products and services.


Reinforce and share memories. Send guests custom apps that highlight the trip as a thank-you gift to build loyalty.