Geowhiz creates “funware” for your museum or cultural exhibit, giving you the ability to connect with kids and families prior to their arrival, during

their visit, and also after they’ve departed.

From the specially designed and co-branded hub, your audience will depart on an immersive virtual journey to explore the fun and exciting features

of your destination. Our games and built in activities help to keep young players engaged, in a fun, safe environment. Through the mobile app,

tourists can create their avatar and then interact with characters who are placed throughout your virtual destination. As they explore the places

and learn – from the characters – about the exhibits and artifacts within your offline environment.

GeoWhiz Universe is an online world developed by a team of customer experience professionals who believe that every destination has the power to connect, to

educate, to inspire.

NonProfit and Spiritual Development (page)

Gamification is the use of game mechanics in non-game contexts. Games are an integral part of the human experience; we have evidence of games being

a part of human culture going back over 5000 years. Generation Z, those born from 2000 to the present day – the majority consider computer gaming

their main source of entertainment, and spend on average three hours gaming a day.

Geowhiz uses cutting edge research to reaching the most connected generation with spiritual and community development messages, thereby ensuring

that players have a safe and secure experience.

GeoWhiz Universe is an online world developed by a team of professionals who believe in giving back and that every story has the power to come to life to connect, to

educate, and to inspire.