And Help...

See how you along with GeoWhiz impact lives

Imagine what opening your mind to the world could do. If you could do it by playing online…engaging your sense of wonder…and learning to help others in the process.  Imagine if the outcome of knowledge, diversity and a helpful heart was easy to come by.

GeoWhiz partners with 501(c)3 organizations, NGOs and foundations—organizations that “do good” for kids around the world.  They provide the philanthropic “mission,” we provide the interactive, virtual world, and you—the players—provide the “help.”

Each month a portion of your monthly subscription fee goes to help other kids around the world. If you play, your giving is automatic and you get to experience for yourself what it’s like to give back.  We call it “play with a purpose”.

Our first project is getting clean water to kids around the world through our partner Waterislife.  With each annual subscription, you get to sponsor a filtering straw that will give another kid clean water for an entire year!!    You can check out their cool videos at the links on this page.

You may think that water is “easy”—“I just go to the faucet or fridge and get as much as I want.”  But for a lot of kids around the world, they have to walk for miles just to get to the well—and the water may not be completely safe to drink.  Waterislife provides a solution to help make certain that water is pure!

Our partnership with Waterislife is just the beginning.  We’re looking for other cool ways to help out kids around the world!