GeoWhiz Universe (www.geowhiz.com) is an online world developed by entertainment and travel professionals who believe that travel has the power to connect, to educate, to inspire and to transform.

GeoWhiz provides hotels, airlines, travel companies and tourism boards a set of tools to build brand and product awareness, to market to the rapidly growing international “family” and “multigenerational” travel segment, and to enhance the travel experience. Through a unique virtual world and gamification platform, GeoWhiz helps the travel market connect with prospective travelers in the ways they increasingly connect with media.

GeoWhiz offers a co-branded or private-label “enterprise solution” for companies and organizations in the travel/tourism/hospitality sector. By leveraging our virtual world and gamification platform to tell the story of your destination (or your role in it), you can connect with your existing and target “audience” in a way that invites them to become part of it. Since family, leisure or international travel typically is planned and purchased months before departure, there is a unique opportunity to build awareness of amenities, products and services that the traveler will consume on arrival. GeoWhiz can help you extend the connection beyond the “period of consumption” to the entire “travel timeline” (pre-arrival, arrival, post-arrival) and engage the traveler more frequently and longer through interactive media that also can reinforce memories beyond the trip.

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