The world around you is larger than the world you live in
Your initial point of entry to the GeoWhiz virtual world is our “free play” area called “The Hub.”  In The Hub, you get to build a personal avatar, register your digital passport, and customize your “personal” living area.

From The Hub, you depart to discover cultures and places around the world—the sites, the sounds, interesting customs, unusual foods, cool places to visit, etc.  As you play the mini-games in each destination, you earn GeoWhiz bucks that you can use to purchase souvenirs and virtual merchandise.

Imagine touring the world!  GeoWhiz is the place to discover the unique “story” that is a part of every culture.  In each of our destinations you’ll find:

  • Discovery and exploration areas—real places from that destination that are animated and interactive in our virtual world
  • Mini-games and apps—each set within the culture or location
  • Factoids—cool trivia that make you think like a “local”
  • Destination characters—animated characters that give you clues to adventures and hints on what you should look for throughout the destination
  • Thingamageos—audio and video stories to let you see life from the perspective of kids who live there
  • Hidden, click-to-life, and rollover objects—things that you find or that come to life that help tell you the story of the culture
  • Translation app—a tool that helps you translate signs from the local language to your own
  • Collectibles and virtual merchandise—virtual clothing, souvenirs and collectible objects from the destination that you can use to customize your avatar or put in your Pod

GeoWhiz Game Play